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I ordered a bahama 150 from back in june. received with no immediately "VISIBLE" problems a month later.

After doing the post delivery inspection i found that:

1. there was no key to the rear mounted trunk.

2. the headlights did not work.

3. the cdi unit was defective and the scooter would not start.

on 8/17/08 i placed an order for replacement parts above, but never received a confirmation that my order was received or not.

a couple days later i sent an email to the sales department and was told...

"Our parts department is running about a week behind on the orders. Thank you, ScooterNitro"

i was a bit annoyed at the generic email but i dealt with it.

after receiving no additional info after nearly 2 weeks i send the email below

"hi it's been a couple weeks since i placed my order for replacement parts. at present i have received no status or parts. can you please tell me what's going on with the order?

to this question i was told:

"Most of the parts have been taking around 3-4 weeks to deliver. Other parts are currently on backorder. Thank you, ScooterNitro"

notice this email is extremely generic and neither addresses my order status nor whether or not all or a portion of my order is on backorder.

since receiving the pathetic email above on 8/31/08 i have sent 3 additional emails requesting SOMETHING! ANYTHING! regarding an order status with specifics.


as i stated in the first part of this posting, i was initially satisfied with the overall delivery of my scooter. ***, i even put good comments about this online retailer on my website

because of the *** POOR customer service that i have received since received my money i can only say that................


i've been way more than patient with this whole "replacement parts" thing. i haven't sent them ranting emails. i've been very respectful in all my correspondence with them

thus far i've been totally ignored. what can i tell you? i don't like being ignored.

all i asked for was a status. that request didn't seem like too much to ask for.


good luck to all

Monetary Loss: $1150.

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I was going to suggest to call them and talk to someone direct but this is what I found on their site. "Phone support for customer service is very limited: 417-551-1439"

Still might be worth a try :roll

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